protect yourself with our Personal Protective Equipment

Cromwell Safety understand that protection on a work-site is paramount. We ensure to offer the latest equipment for personal protection to keep you and your employees safe and secure.

Helmets and Goggles

Head injuries are one of the most common accidents in the work place, so to prevent anything from happening to your team, make sure they’re fully protected with one of our quality helmets. We have affordable headgear in a range of options, some are specially tailored to withstand cold temperatures and other which are attached with ear defenders to protect worker’s hearing. 

Importance of Quality in Personal Protective Equipment

Personal safety is the most important environmental consideration for workers and employers, and so it is essential that you choose a brand and supplier you can trust. Cromwell Safety has been supplying these items to workers for over half a century, and our customer care team can assure you of the quality of the items you are buying.

View our catalogue of personal protective equipment options and call us on 0116 270 2783 to place an order or get expert advice.

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